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About Us

Sanvi Infotech Pvt. Ltd ("Sanvi") located in Dehradun, India is a subsidiary of Brainybrawn, Inc., headquartered in the USA. Sanvi provides the essential gamut of information technology solutions that your organization requires.

Whether you are responding to the technological challenges of the Internet based world or just trying to maintain an edge in your increasingly competitive market-space, Sanvi is a uniquely qualified partner you want in your team.

Development in India

Sanvi is structured to help you achieve your development and IT goals within the required time frame and budget range. We execute development and/or integration projects at our Indian headquarters in Dehradun, India and allow you to leverage the economy and scalability thus realized. You can utilize Sanvi to either prepare a complete application or IT project, or develop a small portion of a large project.

Design, Development, Integration, Testing and Deployment

Our application development team has full project life cycle experience in the specification, design, development, integration, testing and deployment of enterprise systems and commercial software. Sanvi's can take your application development project throughout the entire process, and one of our strengths is the ability to jump in anywhere in the process, hit the ground running and help drive projects to successful completion.

Sanvi focuses much of its resources on Enterprise Client Server development, and Web Application. However, we possess an extensive skill expertise in legacy and current platforms, operating systems, proprietary and open system architecture and much more.

Web Application Architecture

E Commerce using Microsoft platforms Java, JavaScript, Active-X, HTML, DHTML, ASP.Net, PHP, XML.XSL.ASP, RDBMS, and Web based ERP solutions. Component Technologies Active-X, Java Beans.

Client-Server / Object Oriented

Client: Visual Basic, VB.Net, PowerBuilder, Java, VC++, Developer 2000, Java Script.

Server:Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, COM, DCOM, My SQL, Active-X, MTS, ASP.

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