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Category: Ads & Media

SOMMS 11.1 is our end-to-end, customizable and web-based ERP solution which will comprehensively automate, and effectively integrate on real-time basis, your media-inventory management with sales, operations and customer management.

It is a comprehensive and end-to-end solution which automates all of your business functions including site selection and booking based on availability, client acquisition, site confirmation, PO, SO, campaign launch, invoicing, reminders of payments due from customers, receipts, repeat-orders, referrals and more; thereby allowing your business operations to run on auto-pilot while allowing you to focus aggressively on sales.

Customized MIS reports help facilitate informed decision making by you and your senior management.

With SOMMS 11.1 media inventory management is simple and can be accomplished through the following modules:
Category: Ads & Media
  1. Sales Management Module - instant & location independent access to site status, order-booking and end-to-end sales finalization process.
  2. Operations Module - streamlines operations by facilitating flow of information from site booking through launch of campaign and billing. The operations module can be further customized, if required, to manage and monitor third party service providers.
  3. Customer Module (Customized on demand) - Allows customers to monitor campaign and accounts status, rebook site and book new sites based on availability. Helps media site owners in generating re-orders and marketing sites to current clients.
  4. Agency Module (Customized on demand) - Allows advertising agencies to monitor and manage all its dealings with your organization and as well its clients. Agency can also provide limited account access to clients.
SOMMS 11.1

With SOMMS 11.1 you can ensure immediate, structured, dynamic and location independent availability of information not only across your organization but also to various stakeholders in your business. The solution also provides ageing information of un-paid invoices and warnings and reminders and details of un-invoiced site bookings so that no confirmed booking goes un-invoiced.